Haig Clubman

Haig Clubman. A smooth scotch, with flavours of vanilla, coconut, butterscotch and sweet toffee.

£44.85 per bottle (70cl)

Cotswold Single Malt Whisky

he first single malt whisky from the Cotswolds Distillery (as well as being the first single malt whisky ever distilled in the Cotswold countryside!). A much-anticipated release, which has been produced using barley grown in the Cotswolds, distilled in their Forsyths copper pot stills (Mary & Janis) and aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and red wine casks.

£54.75 per bottle (70cl)

Penderyn Myth Single Malt Whisky

Aged entirely in ex-bourbon casks, this is full of dried fruit and sweet flavours. A Gold award winner in the European Single Malt Premium category of the Whiskies of the World Masters 2015, Myth is a recent addition to the Penderyn range. It is a 41% whisky matured in a range of specially selected ex-red wine and ex-bourbon casks.

£47.85 per bottle (70cl)

The Naked Grouse

Whisky at its most uncomplicated. Convention said that blended malt got its flavour from bourbon casks, used again and again. This got us thinking… What if instead, we used first fill sherry casks to add another layer of rich and fruity flavour to our malts? It didn’t just work, it was a joyful exuberance of flavour that changed the possibilities of whisky enjoyment. So hats off (and everything off!) to Naked Grouse, for taking a liberating leap into the unknown.

£38.75 per bottle (70cl)

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