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Newbury 137 Disillery


Lumber's Bartholomew London Dry Gin

Juniper and traditional gin botanicals and spice on the nose, with an earthy, woody character. On the palate, it is dry, smooth and soft with prominent juniper and citrus to fit the London Dry brief well. Light and lingering finish.

£41.95 per bottle (70cl)

Lumber's Bartholomew Berkshire Dry Gin

The grains of paradise give this gin a warm and woodsy glow with

a pepper midel. This is well balanced by the sweeter spices and citrus. 

£41.95 per bottle (70cl)

Lumber's Bartholomew Country Garden Gin

A very well-balanced gin, with a hint of floral botanicals providing an uplifting feeling of walking through a summer garden. The gin, however, remains a recognisable London Dry traditional gin. The floral notes are not perfumed in nature and don’t appear too soon on the nose. It is not until the gin reaches the tongue do the richness of the floral botanicals come alive. The floral signature lingers on the pallet but is tamed by a delicate dry herbal finish.

£41.95 per bottle (70cl)

Lumber's Bartholomew Navy Strength Gin

As the name hints, navy strength gin is a powerfully alcoholic expression of the juniper-informed spirit, based on our popular country garden, clocking in at 58 percent alcohol by volume. Piney juniper on the nose before bright and zesty citrus starts on the palate alongside juniper and subtle floral notes. The finish is long and light with pepper and bright citrus, and the overall mouthfeel is smooth and instantly recognisable as a navy strength, whilst not being at all harsh at the higher ABV.

£57.95 per bottle (70cl)