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Cantina Sacchetto Pinot Grigio Blush (Fruili Venezia Giulia) 2017/2018

The appealing pale blush colour of this wine is obtained from the skins of the Pinot Grigio grapes which are pink in colour. A fresh and fruity wine with a delicate flavour and an off-dry finish.

£10.65 per bottle


Sospiro Pinot Grigio Blush (Veneto) 2018

Salmon pink in colour with an aromatic nose of freshly crushed cranberries and mineral elements. The palate is light, dry and crisp, with a delicious balance between zingy citrus and fruity red berry flavours. Very easy to drink, finishing clean and refreshing.

£11.85 per bottle

Zin Heaven Zinfandel Blush (Puglia) 2017/2018

Classic red berry and pink grapefruit aromas augmented by hints of black pepper and wild herbs. In the mouth its delicate berry flavours have a refreshing citric edge and light peppery spice.

£8.35 per bottle

Belfiore Pinot Grigio Blush (Veneto) 2018

Pale, blush colour with a bouquet of fruited elegance. The taste is delicate, fruity and persistent.

£11.85 per bottle

San Antini Pinot Grigio Rose 2018

Although Pinot Grigio is best known for the production of white wines, the grapes actually have a pink tinge to them when they are ripe. The wine gets its delicate pink colour from contact with the grape skins during the winemaking process. This wine has the delicate perfumed aromas of peach and rose petals that are typical of a Pinot Grigio rose. The palate is full of soft, red fruit flavours which linger on the tongue.

8.85 per bottle