Rubis Chocolate Liqueur

Rubis is an indulgent blend of fortified Tempranillo wine and premium chocolate flavour. Notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety premium dark chocolate means Rubis can be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat or on any special occasion. It can be served at either room temperature or chilled over ice for that ultimate chocolate experience.

£13.65 per bottle (50cl)

Hedonist Liqueur

Ginger & Vanilla Cognac. A new and exciting brand in the UK, Hedonist is a 29° super premium liqueur which represents a subtle blend of cognac, natural ginger and a hint of vanilla. Produced in the Cognac region of France, Hedonist uses exceptional quality blended base brandy along with premium natural flavouring to achieve a truly unique flavour. Delicious when served neat over ice, Hedonist also represents an inspired and versatile mixer, contributing the complexity of Cognac, the spiciness of vanilla and the soft heat of ginger to a number of cocktail recipes.

£35.75 per bottle (70cl)

Pallini Limoncello

A powerful nose with invigorating lemon notes. The snappy, zesty bouquet is clean, tart and refreshing, later the astringent presence of lemon peel really comes to the fore. The entry is like lemon drop sweets but pleasantly tart; on the mid palate, the tartness accelerates becoming more astringent and refreshing with every sip. Smooth back palate great lemon flavours.

£27.95 per bottle (70cl)

Cotswold Cream Liqueur 

Made by combining Cotswold's new-make single malt spirit with the nature’s freshest cream.

£34.75 per bottle (70cl)

Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Moonshine Liqueur

An ultra-smooth spirit, that takes you on a journey to the sweet shops of times gone by. Fluffy vanilla caramel, expertly blended with sublimely smooth sweet potato spirit, delivers a gentle marshmallow experience. Hand-dipped in candy pink wax, as a finishing touch! 

£19.95 per bottle (50cl) - £15.95 per bottle (20cl) - £5.75 per bottle (5cl)

Sweet Potato Toffee Apple Moonshine Liqueur

It is very hard not to fall in love with this drink! Delivering fresh crème brûlée with crisp apple on the nose, descending into rich buttery caramel and smooth brandied & candied of apple. A pleasantly sweet aftertaste of apricot and peach – what’s not to love?!

£19.95 per bottle (50cl) - £15.95 per bottle (20cl) - £5.75 per bottle (5cl)


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