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Having a Turkey this Christmas!!

The Perfect Wine from Turkey

They have named our family of wines “Kayra” a word that expresses kindness, benevolence and grace.

Based on our faith in the goodness that is the essence of wine, we have named our family of wines “Kayra” a word that expresses kindness, benevolence and grace. Producing in two vineries, one in Sarkoy, one in Elazig, Kayra is offering unique tastes and a broad range of wines. There aim today is to become the next generation of winemakers, reintroducing indigenous grapes from the birthplace of wine to the world of wine. We passionately work on the great potential of Anatolia, when once the legacy of wine ruled the grape.


A grape named after its delicacy. Kayra Narince is grown in the gravelly and stoney soils of the Tokat Region, cool evenings give a mineral focus and linier acidity to a fresh fruity wine with aromas of Asian pear, quince, chamomile and grapefruit that pair with all sorts of fresh seafood and spicy dishes. Daniel O’Donnell, Winemaker


The rising star of Anatolia. This is truly the undiscovered treasure of Turkey, gorgeous acidity and lively bright ripe red fruit aromas are the hallmark of this fantastic wine, just a hint of menthol and exotic spices of the ancient mid orient, supple tannins that integrate seamlessly with the acidity and when decanted for a few minutes. Exciting as it is to taste it is so much more exciting to make. “After years of winemaking i have never been so enchanted by a single grape, I only hope you find it as exciting as myself.” Try this with a great steak or a bit of fine aged cheese, definitely something savory and luscious.

£14.95 per bottle

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