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Getting the best from your wine

Wines undoubtedly benefit from being served at the correct temperature, by observing the correct temperatures you can turn wine from ink to velvet, get it wrong and it can turn zest into flab.

Serving Temperatures

White: Lighter Sweeter 5 - 10c, Light Aromatic 8 - 10c, Full Sweet 8 - 12c, Medium Bodied 10 - 12c,

Light Dry 10 - 12c Full Dry 12 - 16c

Red: Light 10 - 12c, Medium 10 - 12c, Full Rich 12 - 16c

Sparkling: Whites 6 - 10c, Reds 10 - 12c

Decanting your wine:

It is important to let your wine breathe before serving, the screw-cap closures can cause a slight bottle stink (musty smell on opening) but this can be stopped from tainting the wine, by just waiting for a few seconds before pouring the wine, allowing it to escape.

To decant a wine with a cork, firstly remove the cork and all the foil from around the neck of the bottle so that you can see through glass, a light source will help. With a smooth and steady action pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter, don't rush as you want to minimise the movement so as not to disturb the sediment, stopping just before the sediment (if any) enters the decanter.


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