• Stephen Miles

What makes Six Saints Caribbean Rum unique?

Six Saints Caribbean Rum - £28.95 per bottle

15 out of 16 countries in the West Indies export their rum...except Grenada! Six Saints is undiscovered, real rum from one distillery, on one tiny island.

The question what makes it unique - Six Saints is the ONLY export rum from Grenada. It has an accessible flavour which tastes better than spiced rum. The devout islanders of Grenada have been quietly hand crafting rum for over 200 years. Named after the Caribbean isle’s six saintly parishes, they distil divine natural rum, the way it has always been. Using only the most hallowed ingredients, it’s then matured in once used bourbon barrels and presented at 41.7% the perfect sipping strength. You might say Six Saints is a truly immaculate conception!

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