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Ballers Champagne

THE STORY - The epitome of luxury and quality, no drink in the world says those things more than champagne. Created with a simple vision in mind, to blend traditional methods with modern techniques and designs to appeal to a new generation of champagne drinkers. And for those of us with a pursuit to be lavishly successful, a champagne named for those who aspire to be great. In 2015, after years of searching, my vision came to fruition when we established a vineyard. Drawing upon more than four centuries of experience in the region and using low dosages as a testament to the superior quality of their grapes, I knew that La Maison Penet was the only house that could craft our luxury champagne. Wanting a design that was as extravagant as the Ballers name, I chose to adorn our signature bottle with a distinctive and unique metal label. To ensure that the appearance of our champagne is as superb as the taste, we pride ourselves in attention to detail. Our chrome editions require ten skilled professionals to assemble all elements of our exquisite bottles. Ballers Champagne is an international brand that is privately held, with a philosophy centred on the finest quality. Synonymous with a lavish lifestyle, I created Ballers Champagne for everyone who works hard to live the dream. ALAN COLTON - FOUNDER AND CEO.

THE NAME - ‘Ballers’ holds a powerful, worldwide image. In modern usage, ‘baller’ does not only refer to sports ability but to those who are successful, to those who started at the bottom and have risen to the top, to those who excel, to those who make things happen, and to those who live a life of luxury. Ballers is not just a champagne, it’s a lifestyle

“a lavishly successful person. Baller can also describe someone or

something as excellent, especially in some spectacular way”

THE CHAMPAGNE HOUSE - Ballers Champagne is crafted by the award-winning champagne house La Maison Penet, a family with over four hundred years of champagne heritage, whose vineyards stretch across the Montagne de Reims, an area celebrated for its exceptional Pinot Noir grapes. The Penet family’s fifteen acres of vineyards are located in the two neighbouring villages of Verzy and Verzenay, two of just seventeen villages in Champagne to be given the top designation of Grand Cru, translating to ‘great growth’ and epitomising the best of the best. La Maison Penet is both a prestigious place and the culmination of ancestral expertise. Owner and winemaker Alexandre Penet grew up watching his grandfather and father make champagne, taking over the estate in 2008. Produced to demanding standards, Alexandre crafts refined champagne focused on freshness and purity. Avoiding malolactic fermentation and using a very low dosage so as not to mask the true flavour of the fruit, the exquisite flavour profile of Ballers Champagne speaks for itself.

THE VINEYARD - La Maison Penet is focused on sustainability, having created a highly sustainable vitaculture in a Grand Cru terroir. Vines are cultivated without any chemical fertilisers, herbicides or insecticides, allowing for a rich biodiversity in the vineyards. The house has also applied for and is currently under an Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) accreditation process, a French certification that focuses on increasing biodiversity, decreasing the use of pesticides and fungicides, managing fertiliser inputs, and improving water management. Harvesting starts in September, and the grapes are carefully picked by hand only when at the optimum ripeness. All grapes are rigorously selected, ensuring only the very best grapes are used.

“Hidden under the neighbouring villages of Verzy and Verzenay,

Ballers Champagne matures to perfection in 19th century chalk-mined cellars”

THE METHOD - The grapes are gently crushed in-house using a Coquard press, manufactured near Reims, France, in the Champagne region. After carefully separating the juices, only the best ones are saved for crafting Ballers Champagne. Our champagne is nestled 60 feet underground in 19th century cellars for a minimum of 36 months, giving the perfect dim lighting and cool temperature necessary for the slow maturing of the exquisite bubbles. Extra-long ageing in oak barrels guarantees the full potential of each wine while maintaining its purity and freshness. The bottles are gently rotated by hand every other day to enrich the wine with the compounds in the sediment and obtain a perfectly clear wine. Finally, the bottles are sealed in the traditional style and, thanks to the cork, benefit from just the right amount of oxygen. This enables the wine to breathe slowly as it matures without interacting with the outside environment.

THE BOTTLE - Our bottles make a statement. The Ballers Champagne range includes metallic branded foils, chrome plating and aluminium labels, applied and polished by hand. Each bottle comes carefully encased in a branded velvet cover bag (excluding Fantome range) to ensure that they arrive in mint condition. All bottles are prepared by up to ten skilled personnel, ensuring that every bottle is unique. The visual appeal of our Insta-worthy bottles is undeniable, perfect for leveraging the power of pure craftsmanship.


All available to purchase through us. Please get in contact for prices.

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