Mr Hobbs 150 Gin

SKU: SPI0039
  • A wealth of citrus notes, peppery spice and mellow floral notes, all brought together with skilful balance as they each have their moments to shine while intermingling with each other. There’s great enjoyment to be found in the range and depth of each of the key flavour profiles, with citrus notes from vibrant lemon zest and herbal lemon balm to pithier lemon peel and yuzu which unites them all, and the spice and peppery notes range from aromatic cubeb to a kick of black pepper. Cardamom, elderflower and meadowsweet offer mellow notes throughout for a complex, flavoursome and well-balanced gin with plentiful depth.

  • Country: England

    Region: Berkshire

    Abv: 40%

    Size: 70cl