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New Amsterdam Original Vodka

Five times distilled and triple filtered, New Amsterdam is a premium 100% grain vodka imported from the United States. Grain vodka distilled five times makes it smooth enough to drink neat & a great mixer. Smooth enough to drink straight.

£18.55 per bottle (70cl)

Ramsbury Vodka

On the rolling chalk downs of Wiltshire, we grow a very special wheat. It is distilled, filtered and blended with water from an ancient aquifer to create a vodka with a distinctly English accent. We are part of the Ramsbury Estate, famous for our traditional real ales, smoked fish & game and cold pressed oils.

£38.25 per bottle (70cl)

Rock Sea Vodka

Rock Sea Vodka is made on the Isle of Wight from grain. Rock sea salt is added, resulting in a vodka with a coastal character. This works well in an alternative Gimlet – just combine two parts of vodka with 1 part each lime juice and sugar syrup.

£35.35 per bottle (70cl) - £19.85 per bottle (35cl) - £4.55 per bottle (5cl)

The Lakes Vodka

The Lakes Vodka is an ultra smooth vodka with a distinctive character and a clean, crisp finish. Full-bodied with hints of wheat.

£29.95 per bottle (70cl)

Toad Oxford Rye Vodka

A pure and smooth vodka, with a clean finish of delicate spice.

£38.75 per bottle (70cl)

U'Luvka Vodka

It is creamy and lightly buttery with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long vibrant finish.

£39.75 per bottle (70cl)

Sweet Potato Vodka

Smooth sweet potato vodka in its purest form! Experts in the drinks industry have unanimously described our vodka as a sipping vodka. The unique profile has grape and pear aromas, joining some cassis, rounded out by caramel, toffee and patisserie notes. Triple distilled in copper pot stills in the UK, exclusively using Scott Farms hand-picked sweet potatoes. 

£29.95 per bottle (50cl) - £19.95 per bottle (20cl)